Your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram vehicle will take you to many fun places around Gatesville, TX, this summer. You can make sure it's up for the adventure now with some vital services that will prepare it for summer driving and repair any damage that occurred over the winter months.

Engine Services

Winter can take a toll on your battery, and the warm temperatures around Temple Belton Killeen throughout the summer aren't any easier on your battery. Running resource-heavy systems like your air conditioner on startup can push an already overwhelmed battery over the edge. Having your technician test the aging car battery will let you know it has enough charging strength to make it through the season.

Spring is also the perfect time for a look under the hood to make sure things like gaskets, hoses, and belts made it through the winter and are in great shape for summer driving. You'll also want the fluids topped up, windshield wipers serviced, and any dirty filters replaced. If it's getting close to your next scheduled oil change, you might as well have that done, too.

Tire Service

Switching to a set of summer tires will ensure you've got the grip and staying power to combat the blazing asphalt around Gatesville, TX, during the hottest months. Winter or all-season tires lack the chemical composition to remain firm under the summer sun, leading to a loss of traction. If you're keeping your current set on for summer, you should have them rotated to avoid uneven wear patterns.

Brake Service

You can stay safe on the roads around Gatesville, TX, with some timely brake care if your brakes squeak or aren't as responsive as they once were. You can avoid rotor damage with prompt brake pad replacement, and any bubbles or water in your hydraulic lines can get flushed and replaced with fresh fluid.

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